Are you feeling called? We're Hiring.

The Creative Arts / Production Director produces high-quality images, videos, and audio that help others inside and outside our faith community “see what God is up to” at CRC. The Creative Arts / Production Director will effectively lead, administrate, and mobilize staff and volunteers into a team that consistently produces creative and meaningful content on our Social Media platforms and in our in-person gatherings. This position is able to be performed primarily from home. It is expected that the person fulfilling this role be on site 2 hours a week for staff support, and Sunday mornings.

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This position will require approximately 15 hours a week, and pays $12,000 a year.


  • Evidence of a meaningful personal relationship with the Lord, a commitment to prayer and to personal accountability.
  • Responsible to achieve and experience ongoing personal, spiritual growth, and model such spirituality in their professional and personal conduct.
  • Committed to Sunday morning worship as a core spiritual discipline.
  • Passionate about gathering the lost and discipling the found.


  • Dedicated to growth in his or her knowledge of tech and social media content for churches.
  • Leadership skills and ability to guide a dedicated group of volunteers.
  • Strong skills in tech, creative designs, video editing, and helping to ensure details in the service are smooth and orderly. This includes overseeing our Sunday morning live streams and scheduling and building up a volunteer base.
  • Strong communication skills by which to support and perform outreach.
  • Understand how to use proper video/image editing programs and live stream programs.
  • Maintaining and editing our website to ensure it is up to date and a clear “front door” for people to know more about Coopersville Reformed Church.

Church Life

  • Attend both Traditional and Contemporary Services with one service off every month to sit with family. For those services, it is expected that volunteers are communicated with, and live stream positions are filled.
  • Ensure that the visuals and sound are up to standard on our livestream.
  • Shut down systems and put equipment away in an organized fashion.
  • Engage in the life of the church (join a ministry/small group, camps, staff retreat, etc.).

Social Media

  • Collaborate with staff and volunteers regarding the vision and implementation of our social media platforms.
  • Provide consistent and high-quality content on all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any other platforms utilized in the future).
  • Attend special events in the life of our church and capture moments (still pictures &/or videos) that could be shared on our social media platforms or in-service gatherings.
  • Collaborate with Lead Pastor and staff regarding the creative arts vision of our church. This would include producing images (logos, promotional, etc.) for ministries within the church.